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KisamexGai CRACK!OTP

Shark LOVES Beast

KisamexGai fans: Not for the weak of heart!
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Welcome to the Crack!Pairing of Hoshigake Kisame and Maito Gai!

GaixKisame is Love
GaixKisame is beastly love

Rules: As if you didn't think there would be any...

1) Please no flaming, I'm sure the fandoms you're in are no crazier then this one :3

2) Anything about these two are welcome!: Fanfics, Fanart, Cosplay and even RPs!

2a) About the RPs; Please edit them nicely, as you would in a LJ RP. Paragraph form and placed under a cut.

3) Ah yes! Anything too big, too hard core or too much of give aways for the manga, please place behind an LJ cut!


Shark x Beast on y!Hosting ~ http://yaoi.y-gallery.net/club/519/

(If you're not apart of that site, you should! It ROCKS >D)

GaixKisame is Love
GaixKisame is OTP
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